Friday, March 21, 2014

Ready to Race

My first real race of the year is next weekend in Oregon at Rainshadow Running's Gorge Waterfall 50k and I'm ready for least I hope I am. I'm definitely excited about it. I haven't raced since my explosive performance at the Run for the Toad 50k in October. (And by explosive, I'm referring to my GI problems, not my speed!)

I've logged a lot of miles this winter albeit mainly on the treadmill with little bits of road, KVR, track and snowshoe running thrown into the mix. Fortunately, the snow has all but disappeared here in the valley so I should be able to get a few runs on dirt in over the next week before I leave for the Gorge. I'm a little concerned that I won't have my "trail legs" quite yet and that could result in a suffer-fest if the course is technical.

Still, it'll be a fun road trip and I get to spend the weekend with my friend Alison and probably drink some tasty Oregon microbrews so there's really nothing to worry about.

In other spring order from The North Face arrived and, of course, I had to try everything on immediately. Dora approves of all my new gear. She knows that when I'm dressed to run, she gets to run too so everyone is happy.

On March 8th, I ran a full marathon on the treadmill. Why would I do that? Well, I was supposed to run a marathon in Arizona the weekend before, but those plans fell through so I just decided that since I'd already done all the training anyway, I might as well go for it. So I did.

My time was 2:58:51 - my fastest marathon to date! Would I do it again. Never say never...


I had this crazy plan to submit my treadmill marathon for a world record so I've got the whole 2:58:51 run on video if anyone wants to borrow it. Guaranteed not to go viral and may even cure insomnia!?

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