Sunday, February 23, 2014

Catching up and looking ahead

It's been awhile since my last post. I'd like to say that I've been busy fulfilling all the big plans I had for my end-of-season downtime (put on 5lbs of muscle, learn to play the guitar, take painting lessons, swim, knit, go to physio, practice my Spanish, clean the house, do lots of yoga) but in reality, the six weeks off I had from running after the Toad 50km flew by and I didn't accomplish much.

I suffered--and giggled--through five P90X workouts before accepting defeat, got as far as tuning my guitar and re-learning G chord, signed up for painting lessons (which were subsequently cancelled), walked by the pool a couple of times on my way elsewhere, started knitting a dish rag and made it to physio and yoga a few times. No housecleaning. No Spanish. Oh well.

My run training started up again at the end of November in preparation for a return to the Phoenix Marathon in March. Unfortunately, my annual winter cold was a bad one this year and forced me to lose three valuable training weeks in January so I decided to defer my race entry to 2015 to give me the best possible chance of meeting my marathon goal.

Initially, I was disappointed to pull out of the race after logging so many hours on the treadmill in preparation, but then I started to plan some other races and running adventures and am now just feeling excited about getting back out on the trails. My very tentative 2014 race schedule is here.

Some other fun, silly or happy running-related things that have happened over the past few months include:

  • After much begging, badgering and pestering, The North Face Canada agreed to accept me on their trail running team for 2014. Woo hoo! Thanks TNF! I'm thrilled to be a part of such an awesome group of runners.
  • In November, I ran my first ever beer mile and finished 3rd in 8:03.
  • I had the honour of being named Female Runner of the Year by my local running club, the Penticton Pounders, and to receive Honourable Mentions from Trail Running Canada for Canadian Female Trail Runner and Trail Running Performance of the Year.
  • My interview with The North Face's Rob Krar, Ultra Runner of the Year and Canadian Trail Runner of the Year, appeared in the February issue of Trail Running Canada.
  • My lovely (and pregnant!) friend Alison of Methow Endurance in Mazama, WA has asked me to lead some of the runs at her Women's Trail Running and Yoga Camp in May. This is such a fun event; I can't wait! 
After the Disney Castaway Cay 5km.

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