Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016: New Year, Same Me

Reflecting on 2015 in terms of running goals, training, races, etc. gives me IPA face**. Think furrowed brow, wrinkled nose and pursed lips. Cats are genius at this expression.

What are you looking at? You disgust me human person!
Yep, simply put, it was a frustrating and disappointing year. But I've moped along the pity path too long and now it's time to move on. And, anyway, the year wasn't all bad. I joined up with some fun girls on relay teams for the Challenge Penticton triathlon and the Methow Valley Off-Road duathlon. And I completed my second 100-mile trail race (Javelina Jundred), taking over 4 hours off my previous best time.

I'm still working on getting my body fixed. Who knew it would be such a major project?! I once joked that I wouldn't be satisfied until every healthcare practitioner in town had been consulted on my butt. Well, the more time that goes by, the more that statement becomes true. Not so funny after all.

An MRI in December revealed a tear at the top of my hamstring at the origin, which likely occurred at a race I did in California back in 2014. I'm now going through a series of shockwave treatments to break up the scar tissue that has formed around the original injury so that muscle can mend. I'm also waiting to see a sports med doctor for consideration for prolotherapy to help expedite the healing process.

That's the water bottle half empty part of this post. Fortunately, my water bottle is half full too.

For example, all this hamstring and glute work has done wonders for my ass. It's true. I was suffering from a very lazy backside before, but not anymore. These days, I'm actually using my butt for more than just holding up my pants. Who knew it would be such a valuable asset - ha, ha! ;)

I've started going to the gym twice a week and I don't actually hate it.

The skiing this winter been phenomenal with the best conditions we've had in a decade. I've been getting into ski touring and spending lots of time exploring around Apex Resort and the Methow with Dave and Dora.

Our own little winter playground near Twisp, WA.
I've made some race plans for the year, including another 100-miler and a mountainous 100km+ race in Europe. Hopefully, if everything goes according to plan (like that ever happens!), I'll return to a few old favourites as well as run some new ones. As I'm technically still injured and coming off a year of virtually no racing, I'm trying to be conservative with my plans, but it's hard not to get caught up in the thrill of registering for events when my rehab seems to be going well.

Also this year, I have plans to reunite with my partner from the 2013 TransRockies stage race Mel Bos, who is also my The North Face Canada teammate, on something pretty cool. I'll post more about it next month once we have the details confirmed.

Cutthroat Pass, WA
May you have a year of chocolate croissants and mountain tops - and lots of both!

**IPA face: This video gives a decent demonstration of the many faces of IPA. Skip ahead to 3:54 for the one that most closely resembles mine.

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