Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New 10k PR!

I've run a lot of 10k races over the years and usually finished in the 40-42 minute range. My prior PB was 40:29 at the 2005 Vancouver Sun Run and I'd always wanted to break 40 minutes. Well, I finally did on Sunday at the Interior Running Association's Oliver 10k with a time of 38:36 and I'm absolutely thrilled (which may be hard to tell because I'm pretty reserved, but trust me, I'm a happy girl).
Now I realize that my time isn't that impressive compared to many, but the fact that I hadn't been training for this race and had run 2 hours the day before and was still able to take nearly 2 minutes off my PB gives me hope that the hard work I've been doing is paying off.
The Oliver 10k is a flat, out-and-back course on an asphalt and gravel path alongside the scenic Okanagan River Channel. It lends itself to fast times and conditions on Sunday were nearly perfect with some sun and a nice gentle breeze. (I say that now - at the time I may have referred to it as "a wicked headwind" as we rounded the turnaround point.)
It was a fast start - ridiculously so on my part - as I had foolishly lined up at the very front of the pack and felt some pressure to go hard so as to not piss off faster runners who were behind me. The path is narrow with room for only 4-5 people abreast and there were about 160 participants so when I looked back, I saw a brightly coloured mob that would steamroll me if I didn't go hard or dive out of the way. I chose to go hard and when I saw my splits for the first couple of kms, I was fairly confident I was going to die. I thought there was no way I could maintain this pace and live. But somehow I did. I definitely slowed down a bit, but I managed to settle into a pace that was only mildly uncomfortable and stuck with it.
Somewhere in Egypt, there's a camel missing its toe!
I ran alone the entire race, which is probably for the best because I can't seem to have oxygen going to my legs and my brain at the same time so I'm not much of a conversationalist. I finished 9th overall and was the top woman so I received a lovely gift basket with Hester Creek wine, crackers, cheese, etc. Mmm...such a treat!
My next race is a 50-miler in May, which I am very excited about because it's in my old hometown of Victoria so I get to visit some dear friends that I haven't seen in awhile and also because if I post a good enough time there, I'll qualify for the national trail running team and that is one of my main goals this year.

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